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 Pooping blood helpPooping Blood = Rectal Cancer?

According to studies, almost 80% of people will suffer from hemroids sometime in their lives. Experts agree that of those suffering, many will experience symptoms that aren’t only physical, but mental symptoms as well. Namely, anxiety and panic attacks. Ironically, in many cases the panic attacks caused by the hemroids can be far more harmful than the hemroids themselves.

The symptom of panic attacks, like hemroid symptoms, can range from slight irritation to full blown pain. Symptoms of panic attacks include problems breathing, chills, feeling like you are going to faint, adrenaline rush or racing heart, profuse sweating, and even an irrational fear and general feeling of impending doom or death. The best way to deal with panic attacks related to hemroid problems is to educate yourself on hemroids, and then find a way to treat the problem.

Pooping Blood – Understand What Hemroids Are

The first step is to realize what hemroids are. They are a very common ailment that the majority of people will suffer from at some point in their lives. Simply knowing that almost 4 out of 5 people will someday deal with this problem should help put you at ease. Hemroids are simply an inflammation of the anal region. Although they can be painful, they are not life threatening, and have been treated successfully for decades.

Pooping Blood – Identify If You Have Hemroids

To help battle panic attacks caused by hemroids, make sure you have them to begin with and aren’t worrying for nothing. Figuring out if you have hemroids is a very easy process. Do you bleed from your anus when going to the bathroom? Do you find blood on your toilet paper after wiping? If so, there is a good chance you have a hemroid. More severe symptoms can make this diagnosis even more obvious, and include uncontrolled defecating, swelling of the anus, and lumps around the anus.

Pooping Blood – Know That Hemroids Are Treatable

Because hemroids affect so many people, it should come as no surprise that several treatments are available. These range from dietary changes to invasive surgery. While it is true that some of the treatments may cause a person suffering from panic attacks to feel even more uneasy initially, such as the elastic band treatment which uses rubber bands to suffocate and kill the hemroid, in the long run knowing these treatments will help a person have a better sense of control by being aware of all options. And knowing that there are treatments that are both painless and fast, like the one at http://hemorrhoidmiracle.com/main.php will quickly crush the panic attacks. That’s what happened to Phil H, as the following story will show.

Pooping Blood – Real Life Example Of Overcoming Hemorrhoids

Phil H., from San Francisco developed hemroids. It seemed like a sever case as well, with his doctor telling him that surgery would be the only answer to his problem. Of course this caused a lot of anxiety, and panic attacks just thinking about surgery. Luckily Phil found the manuals and methods at http://hemorrhoidmiracle.com to be a great help, and using a method he learned from there he stopped the bleeding in just two days, and after his hemroid problem was taken care of, his panic attacks left as well. Remember that if you are suffering from panic attacks caused by hemroids, do the following. Learn about hemroids, identify if you have them, know the treatments, and take action today!

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